Saturday, May 4, 2013

Zombieland by Jen Minkman


I’m totally addicted to The Walking Dead. When one of my friends recommended it to me half a year ago, I was a bit skeptic, though – it’s entertaining to watch 28 Days Later because it only lasts for about two hours, but an entire TV series about a zombie apocalypse? Hmm. I wasn’t convinced. But my husband wouldn’t stop talking about us having to watch The Walking Dead and give it a chance, so one night, we sat down and agreed we’d watch the first episode. But we didn’t; we watched the first THREE episodes, and then we had to stop because it was past our bedtime (we are very disciplined people, you know). But the next day, we downloaded the rest of Season 1 and tore through it in one weekend.What drew me in? The fact that the show has really interesting characters. They feel so human. They all have flaws, but because you follow them on screen so intimately, you grow to love them.And then they die.

That’s right; the makers of the show trick you into loving these people, and then they make zombies eat them. Regular cast members are not spared. You never know (I don’t even think the actors themselves know) who’s going to live and who will be the next zombie dinner. And this, in my humble opinion, is the winning concept of this show. It never fails to shock; it never does what you expect it to. It’s like life, in a way, and it is so believable and gripping that it won’t let go. It makes you think after you switch off the TV.

Zombies are pretty hot at the moment. There’s even a zombie romance showing in cinemas right now: Warm Bodies. It had me in stitches when I first saw the trailer. How could this possibly work? But then I went to see the film anyway and it did work. Zombies and romance, an unlikely combination if there ever was one. It’s a nice new concept amidst the slew of rather cheesy paranormal romance books and films out there (that, quite frankly, usually don’t bring anything novel to the scene after the whole Twilight hype). What do YOU think should be the next paranormal/sci-fi/romance combination in YA literature or movies? What hasn’t been done to death by now? Leave a comment!

Jen Minkman is a Dutch author of paranormal romance & dystopian YA fiction who has set out to do something new in the genre and make her books more character-driven and less fluffy. Her work is available on all Amazons.

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  1. I think its a good thing that people are taking concepts like zombie romance, that traditionally wouldn't work and pushing the ideas into production with positive results. Lets hope more writers and film.makers take a chance, we could be in for some good films to come!