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Interview with Glynn James

Glynn James

Book Titles:

Arisen, Book One - Fortress Britain
Arisen, Book Two - Mogadishu of the Dead
Arisen, Book Three - Three Parts Dead
Diary of the Displaced "The Journal of Jameson Halldon"
Diary of the Displaced "The Broken Lands"
Diary of the Displaced "The Ways"
Diary of the Displaced "The Last to Fall"
Diary of the Displaced "The Memoirs of Reginald Weldon"
Diary of the Displaced "Whispers" (Arisen)

Author Questions

1.   How long have you been writing for?
Since I was eight years old after I read "I Am Legend" and decided that I thought it should end differently.
My ending including Darth Vader, Cowboys and some Aliens, and it rocked. Well, it did to an eight year old kid.
It's still probably my favourite book.

2.   What do you think sets your work apart from others in the genre?
The Arisen series is co-written. I bring the horror, Michael brings the military and the combat (well, most of the combat) and we're both very picky and careful about the writing. Also, it's special forces vs zombies...what more do you want?

3.   Do you have any tips for new writers?
- Stop picking over one book for years and years and write the next story, and then the next. In the emerging "new age" of digital publishing the key is to be prolific. A good story doesn't need to be poked at and changed a million times. Make sure it's fun to read, well written, and as typo-free as you can possibly manage.
- Pay a good proofer/editor to go over it, and then publish it and move on.
- The best thing you can do to market your books is to release another book.
- Keep your readers in mind when you write. It isn't just about writing what you love, it's about writing what you love AND what readers will love to read. That doesn't mean selling out, it just means that if you actually want to write full-time (I do) then you need to find readers, and the only way you will do that is with books that people want to read. If you suddenly find a particular book or short story you wrote is popular, selling and people are asking for more, then get off your damn arse, stop messing about and write the next part of THAT story, even if you never planned to take it further.
Any one who wants to debate this should take a look at Hugh Howey's success and why that happened.

4.   What books do you read and do you have a recent recommendation?
I listen to a lot of audio books these days, though I still read a lot as well.
Recently I read Wool, which rocks.
After many years of not reading it I finally listened to the audio books of The Dark Tower novels. A lot of my readers were saying that my Diary of the Displaced series was Kingish/Towery, so I figured I'd find out. I agree there are similarities.
I read a lot of apocalypse novels, both serial and standalones, though probably not as much as I should.
My co-author Michael Stephen Fuchs rocks. I've read all of his stuff.
Brian Keene.
Hunger Games
Anything by Roald Dahl (to read to my kids)
Currently I'm listening (another audio) to The Twelve by Justin Cronin. Awesome stuff.
That's just the recent stuff.

5.   Where can readers find you?

Zombie Survival Questions

1.   You see a hand gun, a bat and a knife. Which do you choose as your weapon for the apocalypse?
I'd kill the bat and cook it. Can you cook bats? Time to visit google...

2.    Place of survival. Your own house, a shopping mall or The Winchester pub?
My house. It's next to the Winchester pub.

3.   You see an underground parking centre. Do you go in?
No...Just, no.

4.   You see your boss is now a zombie but is no immediate threat to you. Do you still use your last bullet on him/her?
Not with one bullet left.

5.   What luxury item would you keep in the apocalypse?
A portable USB solar panel.

6.   You're bitten, do you
A)   Shoot yourself before you turn?
B)   Ask a friend to do it?
C)   Turn and enjoy the all you can eat human buffet?

None of the above, I'd go hunting until I dropped, but since it's a multiple choice - best answer : A

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