Saturday, April 27, 2013

Interview with C Martin

Name: C.E. Martin
Book Title: (ongoing series: Mythical)
Mythical: Heart of Stone ( A supersoldier returns to life and sets to remember who, or what, killed him.
Mythical: Brothers in Stone ( Two heart-eating, prehistoric shapeshifters take on the U.S. Military in modern America.

Mythical: Blood and Stone ( Kukulcan returns to the Yucatan, plunging Mexico into chaos.

Author Questions
1.   How long have you been writing for?
I started indie publishing in May 2012. I've been amateur writing since about 1986.

2.   What do you think sets your work apart from others in the genre?
My speed. I'm able to conceive, research, plot, write and publish one of my New Pulp adventures in about three months. If I could write full time and retire from my current day job, I could get that down to one month.

3.   Do you have any tips for new writers?
Writing is easy- promotion is hard. Very hard.

4.   What books do you read and do you have a recent recommendation?
I prefer classic pulps, like Doc Savage, hardcore Scifi (Azimov, Anderson), fun Fantasy/Scifi (Piers Anthony and Keith Laumer) and pulse-pounding men's adventure- the Destroyer (and it's new spinoff series, Legacy) by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir.

5.   Where can readers find you?
I lurk twitter @troglodad, and I sporadically post on facebook as C.E.Martin.1039. I have a blog for my series at, and I'm one of the many writers contributing to the newly re-launched Amazing Stories webzine.

Zombie Survival Questions

1.   You see a hand gun, a bat and a knife. Which do you choose as your weapon for the apocalypse?
Depends on which zombie apocalypse we're talking. If they're the slow, shuffling types, I'd pick a huge Bowie knife over a bat. But if these are sprinters, and there aren't that many, I'd take the gun and hope for a melee weapon later.

2.    Place of survival. Your own house, a shopping mall or The Winchester pub?
If I was at home, I'd stay. At least for a few days until things settled down. The Winchester is the last place I'd go as I'm sure lots of other folks would head there for the booze. Not sure any of the Malls in our area would be suitable for holding up in. But we do have a Basspro, Cabelas and an Amazon distribution center- they'd be ideal for living in comfortably. Assuming I could get in.

3.   You see an underground parking centre. Do you go in?
If I'm driving a suitably armored vehicle, have a belt-fed machine gun, or found a suit of Tony Stark's armor laying around. Otherwise... heck no.

4.   You see your boss is now a zombie but is no immediate threat to you. Do you still use your last bullet on him/her?
Absolutely. I'd hate to get bit later on and then realize I had let a chance pass by earlier.

5.   What luxury item would you keep in the apocalypse?
Toilet paper.

6.   You're bitten, do you
A)   Shoot yourself before you turn?
B)   Ask a friend to do it?
C)   Turn and enjoy the all you can eat human buffet?
I don't like those choices... C is the best- I'd want to go out fighting them with a stick of dynamite or something.

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