Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mob of the Dead (COD:Black Ops 2 Zombie DLC Review)

For  you gamers out there here are a few of my thoughts on the new zombies map on Call of Duty Blacks ops 2.

Mob of the Dead features four famous actors for the characters and voices (A good cast in my opinion):

Ray Liotta
Michael Madsen
Chazz Palminteri
Joe Pantoliano

These four gangster convicts of the infamous Alcatraz Island must fight for their lives against wave after wave of the Undead, while trying to track down a build a makeshift plane for their escape. Feeding the dogs of hell and fighting the Brutus boss are nice additions to this new map.

Overall the map is a fantastic piece of artwork, for anyone who has been to Alcatraz the map is nearly identical to the real prison. The flow of the can be difficult at times, running up and down narrow stairs isn't ideal with a hundred flesh hungry zombies chasing you from all sides. However, the overall game play is fun and the guys/girls who created it should give themselves a pat on the back for creativity.

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